Our Story

Andrew is a local professional Chef with over 13 years’ experience in commercial kitchens, including multi-award winning restaurants and Cafes, here in New Zealand and overseas. For the past several years Andrew has been providing Healthy Choice food at two local childcare centers – and the kids love his food!
But he’s heartbroken to see many school lunchboxes filled with packaged foods and convenience items that are high in sugar and full of nasty fillers. Andrew has been inspired to make and bake 'actual food', made from scratch for our growing children and tamariki.
Chef Andy has first-hand experience of growing up with food intolerances, including dairy intolerance, nut allergy, eczema and asthma. However, healthy food choices have changed his life for the better! He now enjoys much improved health thanks to wholefoods, lots of vegetables, good saturated fats and no dairy products. 
So, Chef Andy understands the importance of Healthy Choices and he wants to make a difference in children’s health, growth and learning by offering Mighty Full Healthy Choice lunchboxes. Andrew is passionate about nurturing a child’s passion for their own healthy food choices by creating Chef-made lunchboxes that kids enjoy eating.
Chef Andy and Mighty Full believe well-nourished children are happier children – they learn and play better, have more energy and less health problems.
Mighty Full lunchboxes are packed with variety and home-baked creativity. Mighty Full Lunchboxes are ideal for young people to feed growing minds and bodies.
And Chef Andy is pretty stoked about that. He is sure that you will be too!
We look forward to your interest and feedback on this new, exciting adventure, making the positive change in Healthy Choices for our tamariki.
Chef Andy

 My name is Andrew, a Professional Chef, here to share my passion in crafting Wholesome, Nutritious & Healthy Mighty Full Lunches, delivered fresh to your child’s school each day!

My passion is to make a positive change as to what we & our children eat. Our Home-Baking is crafted by Chef Andy, using hand-selected local ingredients, baked with less sugar* with No Preservatives! & No Nasty Fillers! - Just Mighty-Full food for growing kiwis!

My goal is to provide parents and teachers the convenience of a Healthy Choice Lunch, easy to order online, reducing your daily task & struggle of making lunches every single morning - happy knowing your child will be enjoying the best quality school lunch each day.

We create Chef-Crafted, interesting and tasty menus which change monthly and seasonally. We are proud to use Eco recyclable packaging to help lower our carbon footprint and waste. (Not that there may be any leftovers from our Mighty Full lunches!).

We specialise in making Fun & Healthy lunchboxes that all kids (and teachers) can enjoy!

 Mighty Full is proud to be a small local NZ business.